Risk to Conquer revisited

A couple of years ago, Bredirish123 set out to create a worldwide GMod arms race. It was limited in success, countries stocked up on vehicles of war, but it never came to full turn. GCombat was a new concept, and technology was limited.

Here’s the original thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=331206

We are in a new age! We have parenting, wire, advanced, realistic weaponry! Let’s bring back the Risk to Conquer- in a different way.

We all know that full scale war just isn’t going to happen in GMod. It’s fact of life. RR_Raptor65 and I devised a new system, a new way of doing things where we can still control our fictional countries-teams-armies-whatever and blow the fuck out of things and each other. We decided we could do a sort of worldwide competition; like a set of challenges to compete in with your weapons of war. The challenges may require long range capability and high mobility, so build with that in mind.

Here’s an example of a tank competition:

Basically, you and your team will build a vehicle from each class specified to compete in a set of challenges that will be set up every 2 weeks. For whatever vehicles are required for the challenges, you must have them built, fully functional, and your crew trained and ready. The general goal will be the person with the fastest times will win. The challenges will vary in objectives, some may have point systems on targets hit, cones avoided, that sort of thing, and even one on one vehicle battles. You must build all no vehicles, no re-using anything!

Don’t fret- this won’t be all about ground warfare. For the beginning it will be based on land vehicles, but RTC will graduate to air and sea, doing challenges like bombing runs, dogfighting, and even ship to ship combat.

Commanders for your countries will be decided on a first come first serve basis, I don’t know of any other fair way. Choose a country, make a flag, and start recruiting people to build things.

So here are the rules:
-Your vehicles MUST be parented! Use these tools to parent your stuff. It includes a multiparenter, which makes things very easy. You can use any methods you like to build them, mouse aim, weld latches, whatever. Just build within reason to keep lag to a minimum.
-You must follow the guidelines for your vehicles (which will be listed below).
-You must invisible all of your wire components. (FPS reasons)
-You must practice with your team! Teamwork will be essential, as most of your vehicles may be crew-operated.

STAGE 1: Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles
RR_Raptor65 and I worked hard on fixing these restrictions up, they’re a mix of WW2 and modern weights, cut in half to make it more interesting. You must choose wisely on how to use your weight for armor and stability. Use this tool to check weights.


classes [ min/max weight / weapon / max speed/ required crew ]

Light tank 5-10 tonnes / 37mm or 40mm / 50mph / 2 man crew
Medium tank 10-20 tonnes / 75mm / 35mph / 2 man crew
Heavy tank (MBT) 20-40 tonnes / 120mm / 45mph / 3 man crew (driver, commander, gunner)
Superheavy tank 40-unlimited tonnes / 230mm / 20mph / 3 man crew (driver, commander, gunner)

AFV: [ min/max weight / weapon/ required carry / max speed / required crew ]

4-6 wheel - 6 tonnes / 50 cal (entity spitting version) or MG42 / 4+ carry capacity / 60mph / 2 man crew
8 wheel - 6-12 tonnes / 30mm / 6+ carry capacity / 60mph / 2 man crew

New classes!
Bonus classes:

Fixed gun tnak:
This class is open. Keep your tank under 50 tonnes. You can use any gun you want on it. A fixed gun tank is a tank with no turret. You gun can still rotate left and right, up and down, but is limited in rotation (usually about 45 degrees). These are primarily defense tanks.

Build a a mech for combat, can be a bipedal, quadruped, whatever you find easiest or most efficient. Can use any weapon on it. Any weight is accepted.

You must abide by these rules! Your vehicles WILL be checked before use.

Post your vehicles here or in separate threads if you like.

Always nograv every bit of your turret that elevates, this helps your gun have consistent movement.

Parent things to a wire chip. This allows you to remove, material, color, and change weight of the child props.

Right click nocollide eVERYTHING. If you do not, your parented props’ collisions will fall to the ground and collide with shit, and cause lag!

Country/team/military formats (you can add as many ranks or whatever as you want, just keep the concept the same):
Chief of ground engineering:
Chief of air engineering:
Chief of naval engineering:

If you wish to join someone’s country, just say so. I will update the thread with names and countries. Be sure to make a flag for your country!

More content to come later.

Teams now:

Germany, Deutsche Wehrmacht
(lols my old flag from the original RTC by Valdrone)

Kommandant: Karbine
Soldaten: Valdrone, Morbo, David29, Joazzz,


Leader : p1r@t3_Gabe
Chief of Engineering: Commieturtle
Wire techie: luck_or_loss


Ledare: RSahlgren
Marken Ingenjörer: Satyria,
Soldater: Gibbo, ace13, wargene, wrkwndj (FATHERMAN), BBOOBBYY,

United States of America

General: Dohner
greasemonkeys: Dgig, woodchuck34, madman_andre
Soldiers: Devon


Leader: AlarinTaylor
Land Engineers:

Jolly old m8:
m8s around the shop: Kickasskyle
Chavs: Abstrakt

Duurb3l: RR_Raptor65

Lãnh đạo: IAmNoob
Kỹ sư:
Chiến sĩ:

Treeonian Empire:
Emperor: mexinugget

The Netherlands
Gezagvoerder: nardix
Soldaten: mastachief19, megamadgamer,



Grand Commisar= Metal Snail
Not as Grand Commisar: duurb3l

International Space Station

Emperor: ASmellyOgre
Wire Technician:

I will make some tutorials for some things.
:siren: The first challenge will be in 2 weeks. It will require a Light tank and a 4-6 wheeled class APC. Be ready and have your crew trained!:siren:

Maybe sniff Maybe.

I bagsy tax Mamba when he gets back :v

I fucking bag SWEDEN right here and now!!! everyone after me is a soldier mkay.

Anyway… You’re on.

i would join and take ukraine, but I don’t think i have enough time on my hands. :frowning:

all i have are weekends to play and im usually busy mowing lawns

sorry D:

I will take dibs on USA and being commander. I need a good engineer

Douche Wehrmacht. :v:
So it’s also kinda like “The war has begun!”?

Well the last time we all did this I worked for America and built them a Stryker IFV.

This time I shall submitting my own nation into the frey,

The Treeonian Empire.

I am the leader and co founder of the empire, we do most of our work with spacebuild but that hasen’t stopped jackal or I from developing ground systems and vehicles.

Also I lost the flag and such when my vista updated and I had to go reinstall my OS.

I need homegrown americans. Flag will be up soon. Gotta wait to be at work to upload :argh:

Why exactly do we have to parent everything? Shouldn’t we use a way that works best for us?

To reduce server lag.

Well with that multi parent stool it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to slap together a fresh design.

Nardix for the Netherlands. I’m in.

God dommit ;-;. I guess we’re his soldiers then…

Ima pwn u rite here from sveden. Joining forces with Simple and Sax!


Dammit are there no American builders?

I’m american but I love Sweden. Sweden is the best.


amerifag go away D:

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Good luck :D.

Fail flag till I can use photoshop at school