Riverside SWEP

So this is my first SWEP i am going to upload.
I did let’s say 40% of it.
MedicalHeadcrab’s Deagle for the model and idea from Dearsister from Puddin_man.

I like it but there are still some KNOWN bugs like:

Wen you turn around in Slowmotion your deagle will turn a lil’ bit crazy, nothing rely bad!
Another is when u start in FPS mode and then switch to camera the music is gone, if u do first in camera and then in FPS then the music stays :/!

Seems weird but i’m trying to fix’em!
I think its the perfect weapon if a cop is chasing you with a stunstick and the BAM,Riverside Mother**er
Hope u like it!

Download Link:

And don’t post it sucks and stuff!

You should make it so clients download this automatically. I hate joining servers with random sweps that show up as errors because they don’t have the models/materials set to download.

Also sv_cheats need to be set to 1, that’s bad in itself. It makes the server vulnerable to tons of methods that can be used to crash it.

Also, doesn’t this use custom effects that you forgot to include?
Also you didn’t credit everyone you ripped code from


It’s not really intended for online use because then everything would slow down and other players hate it!
And if you say who i forgot then i will put his name in it.

PS: what’ya mean with the custom effects?

PPS: Nice MS Avatar

the guy who made ironsights

check your muzzle flash effects

yes i like the avatar too


What does it do? Shoot like a normal gun, but in slowmotion and does a sound?

[sp]That was sarcasm if you didnt understand.[/sp]

It doesn’t care me if it sucks!
I like it and i just wanted to upload a SWEP and see what it become!
It’s my first one alraight?

Just STFU!

You posted it here because you wanted to know what people will think, yet you start raging the moment someone says honestly what he thinks.

Ok, maybe u’r right.
It maybe sucks
Maybe i will get it off the air(online)!

Whenever you post something it won’t be off the internet x_X

How ya mean?

I said MAYBE?!?

This ive done but i added post proccesing FX and another music in my alone again swep

People should really stop toggling sv_cheats on for slow motion. There are much better ways to do it.

It’s a very effective way to do it though. It’s also the least code intense way of doing it.
It has serious downsides but works great as long as noones going ent_fire player kill

What you post on the internet never really leaves the internet…