.RMA to .VTF?

Is there a way to convert .rma texture files to .vtf?I am trying to use the textures from Nightfire but they are in .rma and not in .vtf.
I tried loading the .wad into hammer but that did not work either.

Tried VTFedit?

It won’t let me convert the .wad file.


I could not manage to get the stuff from the materials folder, but I was able to convert the textures because they were .png

Then use VTFEdit and convert the .png’s to VTF.

He just said that’s what he did. :lol:

I thought he meant that he converted the RMA files to PNG.

What the hell is an RMA file?

Well, assuming that he converted whatever the textures were into .PNG’s, use Paint.net (getpaint.net), which has a VTF plugin, OR use Paint.net to convert them to TGA’s, then use VTF edit to convert them to VTF’s.