RnL style mic chat?

Is it possible? Like that your mic voice is coming from your player and just people who are near you can hear it.

Yep it’s possible, lots of gamemodes do it. DarkRP. TTT has an option. Check them out :wink:

well is there a simple addon of it?

Someone made this for me a while ago. You posted at the right time seeing as Brohoster is terminating their service, I’m going through all my stuff and backing it up.

sv_alltalk 1 to enable global map chat, sv_alltalk 0 to restrict it so that players only hear those near them.

hook.Add("PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice" , "Wat" , function( p1 , p2 )    
    return (p1:GetPos():Distance(p2:GetPos()) <= 2000)   
end )   

This goes in lua/autorun/server.