"Ro, baby, heal up." Nick hands Rochelle a med-kit

I find it so fucking odd that I cannot think of very many poses to do with Rochelle, but I really want to.



I just noticed how Rochelle looks like she’s crushing a potato in between her thighs.

no. Just no.


Por que?

Nick is not suppose to give out medkits, he is a greedy mofo.

but you’re optimistic and should be optimistic enough to hope that Nick gives Rochelle a medkit.
on topic:
nice pose, lighting is nice, although Rochelle looks like she’s staring out of the window instead of looking at Nick.

the grin is a bit exagerated, a nice “thank-you” smile ala Alyx would’ve been better.

Well, I think she’d not be smiling due to the fact she “NEEDS HEALING!” o.o…

I expected Coach from the quote.

Good idea, and good execution.

Whenever I’m Nick I always heal myself.

I usually play as Nick with bots so I agree.

Thanks everyone for the criticism.

Jpeg quality looks really low, although that might just be because of Rochelle’s bright pink clothing.

Rochelle is sexy. (Waits for disagrees)

I don’t disagree, but I don’t normally think that way of video game characters either. :buddy:

Thanks peeps.