Road guard rails

I’m looking for some road guard rail props.


Thanks in advance.

I could make you that, however considering the shape of the road won’t be the same for each map, do you prefer a single straight prop (I can make 128,256,512 versions) and you’ll make angles yourself with the use of nocollide?

That would be awesome, its going to be used on an evocity map so preferebly 1 long size and 1 short size. Thanks.

Alright, I’ll make you this this weekend then.

Thank you so much dude! :slight_smile:

I thought I’d let you know how it’s going


The prop and different sizes are done, I just need to give it a real texture and make the rail ending prop and it’s good to go.
I made the models pretty cheap triangles wise, so you should be able to have a lot of these props in your map without a big performance impact.

Awesome, thanks for this dude :slight_smile:


Here’s the final piece. I found this design on google images and thought it was pretty cool and would be a nice low poly rather than an expensive curved piece.

I also cleaned all the previous rail models of all unnecessary geometry which was a general improvement of ~100 triangles less which is pretty cool. The texture is pretty small too (512x512) so all good, it’s ready to roll unless you want me to add something.
Currently you’ll find (in hammer units) 64,128,256,512,1024 long pieces and the rail end prop.

Also, do you want it on the workshop?

Are there curved ones aswell?

Me myself I’d love if they weren’t on the workshop so I could use them in hammer, but that’s up to you Anthracite, and the OP. I’ve been looking for some great guard rails to map with for a long long time

If you want to use them in hammer you’ll have shit results (bland lighting) because they are compiled to be used as prop_physics for ingame gmod. I would have to make a separate pack with these models compiled for prop_static use so they receive and cast proper shadows. I can definitely do that later.

Curved stuff hasn’t been made but it can be, however it’s not currently part of the request but I can add that later when I have time for it as if I understood correctly it’s pretty easy to update stuff you posted on the workshop (and even more a zip).

you can download the pack here.

Thank you so much Anthracite :slight_smile: