Road Paint Texture

Hello, how would i make a texture glow when hit by light, such as a flashlight. I want to make a night-time scene with rain so this would be much help, and i plan to make road paint. Thank you

you can make it have a high $envmaptint like [1 1 1] with a normalmap that’s very smooth. i would experiment a little bit but i dont have access to a computer with vtfedit

But wouldn’t that make it always glow even when light isn’t hitting it? or am i mistaken?

no, only when indirect light is present (like a road lamp, flashlight, etc)

let’s say if there’s a street lamp about 1024 units away. if you pass over it, you’ll see the lighting that is bounced indirectly come from the said reflector on the road. it’ll come very close to simulating the effect of indirect light refraction you see in the reflectors, but I dont think something like doing that in real-time is possible (within source, at least) without a shader.

Oh, thank you! This will be exactly what i need. =D

no problem buddy

Dont forget to build cubemaps ^^

Next time you make a help thread, make sure the thread title is a bit more descriptive please.

what ConArtist said is very clever actually…thanks

Now I want to try this out.