Road Rage 2: Pure Unadulterated Violence


Wow, you guys have really come along.

The presentation of your movies has improved greatly and you have a bigger fan base, my congratulations goes out to you all.

Hilarious movie as you said, reccomending it to people as we speak.


Pretty cool, BUT use the machinima hands and not the crowbar.


The best thing I have seen this year no doubt.

Yeah rate me dumb for some good advice… fucktards.


That can be use full… thank you…

What is that map with the bridge and cars

Personally not funny, and it moved to slowly, the jokes where blandish… the voice acting was… ehh
Its just so mediocre it like makes me ANGRY!!
I mean you guys chose to be lazy, but take time to make it ok, Like you have the hud showing at some spots (the Death Hud is what im talking about) and your camera angles are just meh, Your videos are very boring… The story or storys’ are just so… blah, it dosn’t make since, the voice acter is also just general annoying to hear, he doesn’t flow good with talking. He sounds almost mentally disabled talking randomly, trying to prive of any attention he can grab.
Its a good, make a film with your friends, but you go ALL out on the website, you try to appear professional but your videos are filmed like a amateur.

The last video theirs one minute of JUST YOU laughing with the same angle with nothing happening,(2:30-3:30) that’s not entertaining, that’s boring.

i think that most of this is just polished improvistion, you shouldnt do that, youve got to know what your saying and why.

Whoa whoa whoa… why have you deleted it?

I think it was pretty cool

you dont have to delete it just because a few dont like it like me.
fuck me, dont listen to what my stupid self says.

I want to see it. Plus it’s a waste of space and seems like spam when the OP just says delete. Need some content PLEASE

Ow shit… we beat Mgen… one of the most hardest… things or groups to get a response from… people! we are free!!!