Road Signs Pack 2.1

This is my revised version of the road signs pack 2.

Please refer to the above link for screen shots!

The changes from 2.0 to 2.1 are:
-Retextured the whole pack;
-New metal textures replace broing colours
-Rounded signs look rounded, Triangle signs look triangle!
-Fixed a couple of normals problems
Please note the models have not changed, I have just retextured and added alpha to rendering, so that the signs look the right shape but the physics collison model is still square.

The previous version (V2) recieved lots of suggestions including more detailed textures and actual shaped signs. [Thread here: ]

So now you’ve got them. Please don’t troll, but I’m mor than happy to accept CONSTRUCTIVE critisism.

Hope you like them!

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Please ignore other Road signs thread, that is my old version that I accidently bumeped when I put a link to here!

Would fit more if they were in Russian. HL2 takes place in Eastern Europe after all

Partially true, but as the main players of garrysmod are english or american and most speak english so I made them in english. However they fit driving on either side of the road. (island sign both ways)