Road Signs Pack


No one else had made a road signs pack, and I needed some so I made my own!

Any questions, tips or suggestions feel free to ask!

They look very unrealistic and low-res. You need to at least define a material them, not solid colors.

Since you made the HL2 traffic cone a part of your pack, I am wondering if you can either add new material or duplicate the existing HL2 triangle and circle sign models, and map your textures onto those. It should be no harm, it actually seems like your signs are pretty much the same size as those, its just yours are on squares. Maybe for a V3, it could be done?

Some other suggestions, maybe add matching text colors and do borders around the signs like Diversion, Road Closed Ahead, When Red Light Shows Wait Here, probably consider a square border around the P for park sign. Since you have a permitted parking sign, why not a no parking sign as well, you know just a black P in the red crossed out circle in front of a white background?

Furthering the last poster, involving defining a material to the signs, please observe this link:

and if you have which does source textures, you can edit your sign textures, make a new layer, paste any of those textures over you signs, and tone the opacity of those dirty textures down so you can see your sign through the dirty metal rust, and that will make them more life-like, I mean I am not asking you, but it is just suggestion for a future new version release.

Other then that I like the concept, because the only other sign pack I know of is from EvoCity 2, but those are more American. Not everyone is, yours look like they could of already been in Europe from HL2, the more signs the merrier though.

They look like shit why can’t you make them round and triangular?


More detailed textures. Not just higher-res, put some details on them. If you look at an actual sign, they aren’t a single flat color. They have those reflective things in them. I can’t really describe it well.

Improve the shape. The stop sign should be an octagon, not a square. The turn signs and roundabout signs should be circular, not square.

Still, it’s a good concept. It’s something people will use. Most importantly, the improvements would be easy to do, but be a major improvement. You’re about 70% there, you just need to do the other 30%.

Hi all cheers for suggestions, i do use to use the textures, i think the problem is that to do it quickly, i literally downloaded photos and stuck em on top of the UV Map, or it could be i have my settings quite low, please note that im still a noob on blender and this is only my second model pack, road signs 1 being my first, which is why the signs are only rectangular!

These were never meant to be perfect! This is designed for roleplay or just general usage throughout maps!

Ah, it’s okay. As long as you learn to take criticism and be able to improve your skills, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Yep good advice :wink: anyway this is all constructive critisim, thanks guys :slight_smile:

I don’t think people will want to use these in their maps. As people have said, they need to be shaped better and they need high res. textures.

The signs are actually much better quality up close, its that my settings are low, the pixelation is all down to the screenshot! But i will mix in a few textures/materials next time to make them better that is a valid point!


By the way they are not low res this is my graphics settings and the screenshot, looks much better up close!

The texture may be high-res, but it isn’t detailed. That’s the main problem.

Thats a completely valid point, and in my next version i will include materials and not just colours, so thanks for those tips :slight_smile:

New pack out now! With shaped signs, and also high detail textures!