Road to Mojave

New California Republic

The scenebuild is interesting and the posing is fine, though the shot and lighting could’ve been better. There’s a lot of dead space in the shot that could’ve been fixed by lowering the angle and tightening it a bit. Also, because of how the environmental lighting is, background elements just kinda merge together into the muddled grey-brown and become hard to focus on. You could fix this by having some kind of sunlight hit them, like the intense orange in the sky, or any other lighting method that differentiates them from their surroundings. The intense orange of the sky itself is incredibly jarring, how it goes from the dark purples of the rocks and dirt in the background to bright the yellow-orange of the sunset. Implementing an atmosphere pass or even some basic, subtle orange fog could help ease the background into the sky a bit better. Oh, and the compression really doesn’t help the picture. Be sure to set imgur so it doesn’t compress your images and use the “poster #” command if you aren’t already.

in addition to the points above, pay attention to the JPEG quality. i don’t know what the compression rate of the original shot was, but uploading it to Imgur has destroyed it further.

You’re on the right track with the colors. Oranges, reds, and purples dominate the scene and I love it. The easy route would have been a dull brown that makes everything look muddy. Follow the previous comments, and you’ll make some really stellar desert scenes.

Not sure what specific assets you used by I like 'em