Road to the city

Guess what this was made on. GM_Flatgrass.

I think that it looks a bit ugly.

This is what it looks like from above:

Hope you like it.

Thats rather impressive .

I thought it was actualyl cosntruct , you couldve used some foliage on the ground though

I love these scenery construct pictures. Very nice work overall, however the road is a bit too narrow.

You know what, you’re right… I’ll fix that.

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Added Foilage, and had better Super DOF.

Looks like a miniature.

Pretty much an awesome scenebuild. Try “useful scenebuild stuff” at the models-skins Release section.

You would be a fucking wizard with that!

Are you a wizard?

a bit too much blur and the pic is too small …
otherwise really cool scenebuild.

It’s a great scenebuild but you overblurred it