Road to the Washington Monument


Reference picture

I was trying to make it more like the reference but half way through I decided to make it my own way, because I couldn’t really replicate that trench and the destroyed building, so I just threw in a highway and a shitload of rubble.
Though I managed to fuck it up quite a bit. Oh, and there actually are some ragdolls posed, but they’re in the background and you can’t really see them. I also have one extra version with some guys in combat armour, but I don’t like it much.
The contrast is quite high, because I tried to make it the way my Fallout 3 looks like. It just hurts my eyes whenever I play Fallout 3, not sure why the contrast is that high.


Scenebuild? Holy…

This is the biggest scenebuild I’ve seen so far.

really good scenebuild, shitty as fuck lighting

Yeah, I’m not good at editing and my PC couldn’t handle many lamps. I can’t even turn on the lamps just before taking the screenshot, because they tend to change colours randomly for me. And I was too lazy to find the Edit My Screenshot thread and post in it.

cool, but this makes me wish those Fallout props were ported better. they’ve got weird-ass phys and look butt ugly. i wonder if someone could replace all their textures with some of the various high-res ones on the Nexus?

well making it in some darker map would have made it look less fullbright. AFAIK my scenebuild maps still work, at least they did when i tested them a few days ago

i haven’t had a chance to try those yet. do they even have shaders, let alone bumpmaps?

fairly certain they don’t have either. they’re pretty awful

Knew it was Fallout from the title

absolutely fantastic scenebuild


where are the shadows aaaa

everything else looks swell tho

No Lighting = No Shadows

Love it, even without shadows, great work, and attention to detail!
I dont even use source shadows.
0ld sk00l ftw

nice work, where can i get those building and debris props?

They’re on the Workshop.

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Nice work with the build znalecc.

Thank you. And again, I’m sorry about the lighting.

EDIT: Yes! Faraon rated me dumb. Now I can sleep in peace.

Mate,what in the world is a “lightening”? Is it supposed to be light and lightning mixed together?

Lightening is when you make something lighter. Which is wrong in this case, as I should’ve used ‘‘Lighting’’ instead. I got a bit confused when I, for whatever reason, looked up the difference between the words Lightning and Lightening. And I completely forgot about the word lighting. So then I had lightning, lighting and lightening and I had no idea which one to choose.

It’s been quite a while since my Roleplay days when my English skills needed to be top-notch, therefore my language skills went shit.

So I’m sorry about that. And I’m also sorry about going a bit off topic.

Pretty cool- at first glance I didn’t realize it wasn’t actually in Fallout 3. You replicated it pretty nicely.