Road to the "White Forest"

I hope it deserves a thread.

Or: The Grand Army of the Galactic Republic marches forward.

i find the way the rebels are all in exactly the same uniform kinda ruins the atmosphere. i feel that they’d look better as a ragged and defeated force moving to their last stand base in the forest

but i guess that’s not your fault. nice picture anyways. great scale

contrast is fucked up though - the highlights are grey

To be honest I kind of wish the rebels were a bit more varied in appearance.

There’s also some clipping with the rebels in the second truck and the quality is screwed up, but other then that the posing is pretty good.

What the-… The rebels without a hat are the first in the line and the ones WITH the hat are…


The way that all of them are clustered together bugs me. I think they should be separated at some points, with some people falling behind and others conversing and whatnot. But that’s just me.

Combine invasion trough a portal?

Rebel invasion trough a tunnel: Oh my, this is awesome.

Here, have a winner rating.

Can’t stop laughing for some reason

Jesus Christ, how long did it take you to pose all of them?

Nearly all the rebels in the back are NPCs. The ones that are ragdolls are all hatless.

You get a pallet just for the huge number of guys.

Bit tree texture look kinda annoy to rebel group
But overall is totally nice scene.

where’s waldo?

ahah, the wheels on the vehicles, I can just imagine the vehicles skidding out of control.