Road warrior from hell

"Road warrior from hell".

I know this ain’t the “OMG AZUM” picture but please tell me what you think.

Edited with in-game settings + highest graphics.
Also edited with GIMP 2.0 and Photoshop CS4.

The reason for the blurity and glossy settings is because I wanted it to be
sharped and cartoony/concet art a little bit due to the lightning, the same thing with the radialblur because the lightning reflected in your eyes
I also used “war preset” as coloring filter for a warrior style, also made him look badass on his badass bike:v:

I know there’s some misstakes, like the right hand’s finger.
But I was actully proud over the camera angle, filter, his face and posing ebsides of the finger misstake.

If there’s anything I can / should improve please tell me, want as much critiscm as possible thank you.

looks like he’s gonna fall over. the left leg should be taking the weight

Oh forgott to say, he was actully driving in a circle and is stoping the bike
And the camera angle makes it look like that even more.

Expected Ghost Rider.


I like it, but the blur and the light hurts my eyes!

Should of made smoke for the burn out.