RoadMap of S&box

Is there a public roadmap to S&box? If true, can someone post a link to it?


There is one but it’s not public, you can take a look at the commits to see which direction it’s going for now:

I following the commits. But a public roadmap would be awesome


You can check Garry’s twitter and I know this isnt a roadmap but the commits give you a general idea of what has been made

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I like the idea of having a public road map, but at the same time you can always check the dev blogs for ideas on where the project is headed.

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I’m reading the commits, his twitter, the devblogs. Also the forums threads.

Honestly public roadmap would make information and content stuff search pretty easy, but at the same time I am quite sure a lot of us don’t mind checking commits/dev blogs that much.
But hey, if they would make a public roadmap not many would complain surely.

since this is not a crowdfunded or early access (in the more conventional way) game, I can’t see a need for something like this, since they do not need to report to anyone.

As for this as a “nice to have” for people interested in the development: I feel like a formal and public road map would be too much of a commitment and too rigid this early in development, people might complain later on about them not accomplishing milestones or not following schedules or something like that. For this purpose specifically, the dev blogs, constant posts on the forums about systems and even public commit logs (something I’ve never seen elsewhere!) are much safer bets and suffice, IMO.

With such an open ended game it would even be hard to iron out something like that long term. Priorities might change a lot the more FP gets to know the engine.