Roadside Warrior

Gonna skip the useless info noone reads anyway and get directly to buisness this time. Enjoy!


I’m not entirely satisfied with this one, it looks great and all but I wanted to replace more of the scenery on it but I’m just so bored of it atm because it’s so hard to find decent stock photage of good cliffs that can be adapted to the angle I need! I might work more on it, but don’t hold your breath.

Trippy. The area where it changes from garry’s mod to real picture is odd. Sexy shadows

This may be just me, but the scale of the soldier and the background looks odd; seems as if the soldier is at least 1.5 x 2 times larger than normal, possibly due to the angle. Otherwise, nice job.

Looks like the pmc is a giant.

he looks big work on scale.

do like.

The angle is like woo.

The reason he looks like a giant is cause the perspective is skewed.

With the low angle on the soldier you shouldn’t really be able to see that much of the horizon over the tunnel. But combining gmod pics with real life ones is a daunting task so, A for effort.

i was expecting mad max in this picture… :(. oh well

Boring picture is boring.

Soldier is WAY out of place.
Road is sort of wrong being there.
Everything in the background repeats.

I expected a Fallout 3 thingie but…

Fear, what the shit are you on about, that’s a picture! Anything that you think is too repetative is by natural occurrence. Also, none of the other things you say make much sunce either. Though I’m not all that suprised getting such stunning insight from someone of your expertise.

I mean look at the back, a lot of the trees repeat. Like on old cartoons, every third house is the same.

It’s not the angle, look at the size of his foot compared to the road where he’s standing.

Trees? Every third house? What the shit are you talking about? There’s a small cluster of houses to the left and absolutley no trees at all.