Roanapur Roleplay

The story of the city

Roanapur is a fictional city in Thailand formed after the Vietnam War by a group of South Vietnamese deserters it soon was populated by other deserters criminals of all kinds Hookers Junkies Mercenariness The Mob of many nations Drifters and pretty much any scum-bag low life you could think of. The whole city is infested with crime so murder dissapperances and other forms of crime happen daily its a way of life in Roanapur. Roanapur is carved up into 3 super powers of the city Those super powers being Lagoon Company The Cops and The Mobs each have a shaky truce not to get in each others way in the interest of making money. The power balance is a delicate process and if someone attempts to tip it they need to worry about retaliation from the other Super Powers of the city.

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DarkrpSVN (Doesn’t mean were not serious)
Mad Cow Weapons.

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Russian territory:

Why is that avatar so freaking popular?
Anyway, you havent really said anything about the server itself.

Need more information about the server not the history, On their forums their logo is a rip off on GTA, they didnt lock their +18 section and has alot of Hentai and avatar. To me i would NOT recommended the group as they are all perverted and sick admins and mods.

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this avatar is not popular its for people who didnt put up a picture for there avatar

Huh, you posted almost at the exact same time as i did, weird.

yes i did.

Oh, so they changed that from the dog ass thing that it was before?
Personally i think the new one is even more disgusting.

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That is exactly why I made it +18.

The little kids, like yourself can still get on it

Haha, I’m 16 and if you think that is little, oh well. Also if i CHOOSE to get in its my choice. I am not forcing our users to go look at that section. If they look at it, their choice.

Why do you need an adult section on the forums for a Gmod Server? Just go to Redtube. Or are you afraid mommy might catch you?



Jesus christ. How old are you? Do you know the difference between canon and a cannon? When you pass 4th grade, come back.

Who are you referring to?

I would believe it was to bosskillason

This man is correct.

Maybe it’s a story section for cannons.

You’ll see wonderful titles such as “Why the cannon crossed the road!” and “The cannon and the mingebag”.

I’m just going to simple ignore him, because I am not going to rage at a troll. Anyways, that is why i posted this here, so people like you guys can give me suggestion, thanks!

Gotta give the kid credit. He didn’t troll like every other kid here would. Just fix up the site. You dont need an 18+ section, first of all. It’ll only attract horny teenagers. 2nd, fix the spelling mistake. Afterwards, I might join the server.

Forum theme is way too overused