Wouldn’t fuck around with that guy. He looks serious.

The photoshop job on that mask is terrible.

What is luigi doing in the corner?

Watching you :wink:

Thanks for the comments!

Not that great. Why does it look like you Photoshop’d on that mask? It looks horrible. The posing isn’t that great either.

Why arent the two guys in the back doing anything? They could just tackle him down since the robber didnt bring anyone to help him

Oh Luigi.

So crazy.

…whats he aiming at?

FOOL dont you see Luigi?

So overall, I think it’s unanimous. This pic sucks.

Posing isn’t the best, but then again what room do I have to talk? The gunman’s especially should be best because he is the most present. Aiming at the cashier, maybe. And yelling at the other two to shut up.

This guy really wants his dryer.