Robbing people's poses since I could eat. WW2 Waterworks

POSE BY: Jim_Riley

Used without permission. Im asking now?


If ya want me to edit for a RELEASE let me know. or ill rob ya again :stuck_out_tongue:

the muzzle flash looks kinda weird but maybe it’s my laptop

Alright, this is pretty cool.

Me likesies.


Dat water :swoon:

thanks ya sirs

Terrible flashes (both in shape and colouration) but the lighting, rain and motion-blur are all sexy as. The water is great too. I love the drips coming off the building.

<Chesty’s echo>

Since that is pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

Stop it, Chesty. :mad:

The man is back. I hope it’s for real now.

I got 2 months free now, so its time to have some fun haha :stuck_out_tongue: send me something to edit, im dieing to get back into it