Robby's Sandbox Server

Robby’s Sandbox Server-(CLOSED)

Gamemode: Coded by Robby McDonald deriving from the popular Sandbox gamemode.
Maps: The current main maps we use are
[li]gm_flatgrass(mostly this map)[/li][li]gm_buildgrass[/li][li]gm_bigcity[/li][/ul]
Teams: Consisting of 3 teams(more info in server MOTD).

This server consists of the following mods.
[li]PHX[/li][li]Wire[/li][li]Wire Addons[/li][li]Simple Prop Protection[/li][li]Smart Welding[/li][li]Adv Dupe[/li][li]Stacker[/li][li]Unbreakable[/li][li]MasslessThrusters[/li][li]Somewhat of a SQL Stat system(its coming along)[/li][/ul]

This server holds 20 player slots

No Moderation
[li]Besides me there is No Moderation going on.[/li][li]If you would like to become an admin message me(Robby McDonald on steam).[/li][/ul]

And of course the server

Please take time and come visit the server and have fun.
This server was created days ago and I put a bunch of work into it and I am currently working on more stuff to make it even better!

Comments or Thoughts?

The advertisement looks really nice. I will join once I have enough time.