Robert Dinero (from the movie HEAT) - Magnusson Recolor/Reskin

Just watched HEAT and wanted to make some poses based on it… this is just a simple recolor I made of Magnusson to look like Robert Dinero from the movie.
I think it resembles him a bit.
All I really did was add the mole, goatee, and change the clothes/badge up…
Let me know your thoughts, etc… I might change some more stuff up.

If you haven’t seen HEAT, watch it… good movie.

I really don’t know why nobody has posted in this thread.

I think this is a great reskin.

Doesn’t really look like Deniro at all.

Great skin needs work on a few places but overall it’s great.


That’s because it’s Magnusson. I’d need a De Niro model for it too absolutely look like him. I figured this was the best model to attempt a re-skin on, though… there’s really nothing else I could do to the skin to make him look more like De Niro. Adding aviators to his face helps the look.

Thanks for the comments and spell check though.

I think it looks great.

That looks awesome, but the moustache is a bit off.

That suit looks a bit off.

You need more wrinkles around the sides of the face, especially between the eyes and the ears. Same goes for the forehead. The jowls are also rather important. Since DeNiro doesn’t show himself much with a goatee, you should get rid of that, and that presents the opportunity to show the jowls, thereby making his face a more exact match.
My only other criticism is that you need to take the brown out of his hair. I’d like to think this is the best reference picture:

DeNiro had a goatee in Heat. So it wouldn’t be Neil McCauley (that’s the guy that DeNiro was playing in Heat) without a goatee.

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Looks very nice. I think that GMan’s head is more like Robert DeNiro’s head a “bit”. Anyway it’s still good reskin.

looks great, imao he looks like a bit francis now :V

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