Robert Englund Freddy Krueger

Hello ladies and gents of FP, I gladly present you with Freddy Krueger. The texture for the face and hand is kinda cartoonish I know, so with permission, feel free to make him more realistic. His hat is body grouped. All credits can be found on the download page.

Go pose some bloody nightmare scenes already.

More pictures:

Have fun!

some nice words

Looks good, but I feel as if though the flesh should be darker though

It does look cartoonish, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s awesome.

Here’s a pic of the original model we got the head, hat, and glove from.

It’s great.

i want fisted

from what game is that? freddy goes to the west? lol

It’s a custom made model.

ohhhh ok ok now i understand sorry

textures are warped around the neck, skin could use a bit more detail , nice work

About time we had Freddy for Gmod.

“Back in the saddle again” nice job got my down load

There already was.

*Robert Englund freddy.


Mix together the MK version and this. Texture wise and remove the second claw hand.

You just might get an excellent model of Krueger from mortal combat pack.

No Michael Myers? =\

Awesome to finally have the Robert Englund Freddy.

his left hand remind me of cheese.