robofight tournement gamemode

okay im thinking about haveing a simple wire robot battle all props have set hp example:phx plate 100 hp crate,wood 10 hp chip 1 hp
makeing the wire simpler is crucial so robots are made faster like a wheel base a sub base(only underwater) and air base a custom map would be nice like a large pit for land base an under water arena for water and a large room for air base it would also be a good idea for there to be custom weapons such as missles turrets and torpedos they would have varying prices such as:missle launcher(10)100c turret(80)80c saw 20c
and ill make a table here
missle:(10)100c* (20)200c* (30)300c*
torpedo:(10)75c* (20)150c* (30)300c*
turret:50 bullet=5c*
flame thrower:(10)50c* (20)100c*
*=you can buy different holers that hold different amounts in bigger or larger sizes
air base: max weight:500++ 20hp cost:20c
water base max weghit:N/A+ 75hp cost:10c
land base max weght:1500++ 100hp cost:free
+=water base has no limit because water acts like zero gravity
++you can buy 10 weight for 100c
people would get 100c at the beginning they would earn 20c for every mach won 10c for evey robot defeated.

please tell me if i need to modify anything please


  1. Decent amount of grammer needed
  2. Shouldn’t lose credits for losing
  3. Paragraphs please?
  4. Bullets shouldn’t cost 1C each. Instead, perhaps a pack of 50 bullets for 5C.
  5. You want to make a gamemode exactly the same as Sandbox, except with props costing money? Right…

not really props cost no money the weapons do updating the bullets and no credits losing got it