Robot discovered a body.

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Use your imagination with this picture, wanted to create something interesting, don’t think it turned out that way tho.

original, please compare:

Please leave me some feedback, really appriciate it! :slight_smile:

Heh, roboboobs

Looks pretty good except the reflections on the wet floor, you need to make them more sharp and glowing, then again you might have wanted to just make them look blurred so that we would focus on the characters.

Her right foot is not exactly on the floor(as in her toes(toe poser dunno if it works with these ragdolls) should be rotated towards the ground more or the foot rotated 90 degrees to the left and touching the ground) and it makes her look uncomfortable.

Pretty cool picture.

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Also the robot model seems to be floating, not really your fault but source engine’s, i think there is a way to make a model to not collide with the map, zerax mentioned something about it.

Thanks, I tried making the floor wet, but discovered it was painfully hard to pull off.

I usually fix the floating errors by pushing down limbs that are higher up on the body. If I want the feet to not be floating i’ll freeze the thighs not the feet. I guess I just mucked it up in this one, didn’t even notice till you said it.

what gtanoofa said, also maybe add some bigger raindrops right infront of the camera to convey a greater feeling of depth.

I do like it. Maybe the model of the girl is a bit too low res though?

Not trying to read too deeply into this, but I kinda got this brain blast from the picture:

“It was as if it finally understood mortality. The machine had always known about death. It was programmed to know. But after the events of the past 48 hours, seeing the body of the girl in front of it, the machine finally, truly understood what it means to die. It’s own synthetic blood dripping, mingling with the girls blood on the ground, the machine began to feel, for the first time in its existence. Sadness and pity, yes, but also fear. Fear that it would end up just like the girl: another corpse in an alleyway, to be swept under the carpet by a Homicide detective, just another broken android, just another statistic. The machine rose slowly, and surveyed the area. Her pursuers were nowhere to be seen. The machine, as carefully as it could, lifted the girls body from the alley it had been left in. It headed for the nearest hospital. No one deserved to die like that, just another body in a cursed city. If it could, it would have cried as it carried the dead girl through the front doors on the Mercy Hospital. She was swarmed by doctors and nurses, all asking her questions and checking on the dead girl she brought in. It’s pursuers would almost certainly find it now. But it didn’t care. She had done the right thing.”

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