Robot first person attempt

Yea… I suck at photoshop, and I know that the interface is still a bit empty, and the models hands are low quality, but still, I like the result:

C&C I guess

Oh yea, and some good PS tuts for beginners would be appreciated, since the only ones I can find on the internet only talk about one specific subject. No real starter ones.

Also, don’t know how to do a smoke effect, there for the rpg is a bit plain…

He’s in for a real blast!
I like it, But I question whether or not a robot would seen in night vision in a bright snowy area.
Still, I get what you were going for. :smiley:

The bright red is a bit hard to see, and the hands are blocky. Otherwise pretty good.

Yea, I sould’ve put “Nightvision: On” or something in the image

The problem with the red was that bright red would look unrealisic, and other reds wouldn’t really fit the theme. And yea, the models hands are a bit low definition.