"Robot Rock" Daft Punk playing

I dunno, I loved the music video for the song :smiley:



C&C :ohdear:

Funky drums.

I love Daft Punk, and this surely catchs the idea of it.
Looks awesome!

I was actually doing a version of this myself but with the Alive 2007 scenery(The pyramid and the background lights).

Again awesome!

Can i have a link to the Daft punk models? I love Daft Punk.

In the release section of Models&Skins, the thread named SnS Daft Punk Playermodels.

Isn’t there ragdolls? Just wondering i get confused :/.

Well, in order to have the player model, you need the ragdoll itself, just install, then find the models

Pretty sweet, where’d you find the models?

nice work

i love daft punk too

I see ^, Also, Kick ass, Artistic’d, Best Techno/rock/whatever band I’ve heard

Thank you good sir :smiley:

Christ that double neck SG is huge! They need to size down that model.
Rock harder, better, faster, stronger.

Thanks, should I keep doing Daft Punk pictures?

Yes, Do more, Do it I tell you, DO IT caps*

Funky :v: