Robot soldiers patrolling in rain

The music fits, but at the same it doesn’t.

Yep, the models look a bit dumb. I might try reskinning them.

Uh… C&C?

thats some good posing you got right there
and i dont think the models look dumb


Well, they looked dumb before I deflated the heads :buddy:

Also, I like horizontal lens flare effect thingies :3:

Awesome idea. The models are a little silly, but at least it’s interesting. The splashes are really nice but the actual falling rain kinda lacks depth and is really bunched together.

Overall, nice picture!

I love the splashes and the glow from the eyes is really well done. Reminds me of Mass Effect.

Good job!

nice, like Urbanator said, looks like mass effect

Looks really good

This is awesome.

This is great, love robots! Going to be my background ^o^

I love it! I approve this rain. :3

I like it, especially where the light is on the water from his legs, but they need to look more threatening.

i love the glowing, although the water is devoid of ripples. also, where did you the gun the guy in the foreground is holding?

Terminator Soldier

Wow, those robots look really cool.

Oh lawl… I laughed at the song, fits the theme of the picture but not the mood.
Very nice Joazzz, now to wait for their waterproofing to fail.


The german helmets give it kind of a retro-futuristic vibe there.


Thanks. I got the rifle from Taco N’ Banana’s weapon pack.

I also like ‘space nazis’. I wish there would be models of some. And thank you.

No, no, no, no and no.

These are not Terminators. Terminators don’t wear helmets. Terminators are infiltrators, not soldiers (Except for the series 600 and earlier models). This was not based off Terminator. Terminators are skeletal.

I could go on.

You and your robots Joazzz.

I love the atmosphere, splashes are not the best, but i really like it. And that rain, as chesty said, too 2d.