Robot Spider Scout Drone

A port of a Cybran unit from Supreme Commander.

[li]Download link
[/li][li]Roughly the size of a headcrab
[/li][li]Two different colour combinations (light and dark)[/li]

[li]Credits also go to Ilwrath for helping with the VMT’s (phong) and the pose image.

Looks good, but have you got a better picture without the massive muzzle flash.

It’s nice and all but not very good for showing off the model.

Added two pictures from the HLMV showing the two skins :slight_smile: the model is a bit more visible on them.

The legs and cannon are radgolled or is it just a prop?

Looks really cool, altho for some reason I spected the Spider droid from Star wars.

Each of the individual legs, base of the turret and the turret itself are rigged to bones and poseable.

size of a headcrab? Why so tiny?

I like it mucho bueno though

EDIT: Mirror please? Filesmelt likes to screw with me; I click the Spider_drone.rar button and it just opens a new identical window…

Yee, why not making a human size version of it? Maybe… if you can :kiddo:

I was mostly afraid of the textures getting somewhat blown up, considering that they aren’t the most high res things as it is. It’s not that awful though.

If you want, I can try making a rescaled version of it, just hoping that it won’t spaz out the bone constraints.

Also mirrors

I’d be interested in this if it were a lil’ bigger too. If you’re worried about the texture, maybe only make it a bit bigger. I could imagine it being like…Sheep size or something…

Wait a second, A Cybran Hoplite? First time a SupCom model was introduced into garrysmod! Well done.
If you ever plan on doing another, I suggest the Aeon Harbinger (not trying to turn this into a request thread)

Fuck yeah Cybran

Wow, that looks sexy.

Well rescaled it

Also mirrors

Yeah I can take a look. These models actually have the benefit of being pretty easy to rig, considering that one should usually be able to weight a bone to whole element and no need for partial weighting.

Though the only problem the models have, is the same as TA models do - holes in the mesh as well as not always connected meshes.