Robot with a laser gun

Dam you descriptive titles! I wanted it to be a suprise…

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I just don’t know if the grain was a good idea

It was.
Fucking Badass.
Keep doing epic stuff like this.

Im so happy

Wow, I expected something crappy, but this is great.
Kinda reminds me of the bio rifle from UT3

Nice lazor.

that looks awesome…
reminds me of robotech for some reason.

What weapon is that? It sorta looks like the Q3A Machine Gun.

Editing is excellent I love it

Holy shit it is fucking badass! I avoided the thread because I thought it would be crap and then I saw this! Awesome!

I agree with everyone above me, this is awesome.
Nice laser effect!


The projectile/muzzleflash looks like that of Bio Rifle, but the weapon itself looks a bit like Link Gun. Awesome editing.

Fantastic projectile laser.

Nice render :stuck_out_tongue:

The gun is from Dystopia and yeah, I wanted a gun similar to the Link Gun from UT3

Thats a sexy little laz0rb3aM you got thar