Robotech model porting thread version 2.0

I found a site that contains files of various non-video-game-adaption Robotech models.
link to the source of the models (especially the ones from the unfinished Robotech mod for Half Life):

Will it be possible to port these robotech models (including Battlecry, Invasion, and scratch built/mods) to the Source Engine?

it’d be more accurate to call them macross models, most “robotech” games are just macross games, a whole lot of jewing from harmony gold prevents macross from coming to the west, hell HG has actively tried to sue the original owners of the macross title in hopes of bringing macross 100% under their (HG) control

seems like there MAY be some mospeada shit in there as, still a lot of good models

I am 110% aware of the fact that they’re Macross and Mospeada models.

heck it would be cool if someone hex the VF-1S (Super) Valkyrie model as the G1 Jetfire toy from the 80s (I know, the original toy was stolen from Macross)