Robotech Models

Hey guys, I’m a long time GMod user and first time poster of facepunch. Anyways, if it’s possible for someone to make ragdolls and props of the characters and mecha from an 1980s anime series called Robotech (all 3 series) from scratch for Garrys Mod. I do believe that there were NO Robotech related stuff in I know it takes a long time to make them from scratch but, I don’t have enough skills to make them (sorry).

Here are some images of the characters (used as an example)-
Rick Hunter (from The Macross Saga):

Dana Sterling (from The Masters):

Scott Bernard (from The New Generation):

and here are several images of the mecha from Robotech-
The VF-1 Veritech/Valkyrie (Battloid):

the VF-1 in Fighter Mode:

the VF-1 in Guardian Mode:

The Zentraedi Pods:

The Tirolian/Robotech Masters Bioroids:

The Invid Mecha:

Certainly not a bad idea.

i support this i love robotech especially loved playing robotech battlecry
gotta love them battloids

There was a game, you know that right?

Apologies that I’ve resurrected a thread that is almost a year old. And yes I am totally aware that there were, in fact, Robotech video games that have 3d models. For the game models (from Battlecry and Invasion), we need them mostly models of the mechs (Veritechs, Pods, Invid mecha) to be ported to the Source Engine. As for the character models, someone has to model them from scratch.

I loved Robotech Invasion, i kinda grew up with it. Still have the manual lying around somewhere.

My orginal Zentreadi Reguld Battle Pod, work in progress:

Some model from robotech series shared