Robotic Arm. Fully functioning.

I’m currently planning making a real robotic arm, so I went to GMod and made one. I used this as practice for the real thing! Although, the real one will be desktop size and will use stepping motors instead of hydraulics.

But anyway, from this project I learnt the mathematical method I originally had in mind would be way to complex, so I’ve dummed it down to simple methods, such as the user telling each joint where it should be at whatever time, then the software will go from position 1, to position 2 when told. Then the user can tell it to grab, then move again and so on… The user won’t be controlling it in real time, they will use a GUI that will work as a timeline sort of thing.

Anyway, if you’re still with me, here are some screens of the robotic arm. If anyone wants dupes, let me know and I’ll upload it to


you know, i think that is rather cool solely on the fact that it does not use expression for the operation; it looks cool with all of that messy wire, sort of like an old computer.

Thanks. Yeah, I never got round to learning e2. I prefer chips anyway. It looks way cooler!

It’d be way better if you replaced the grabber with an actual robotic grip or something.

Good job though.

Yeah, I considered that but it would cause too many problems. If GMod allowed it, I would have used a vortex system. Oh well, maybe in 10 years :smiley:

That shit is crazy! Very cool work, and yes, I like that look of all those chips.

i love oldschool wire.
so props to you!

I would love to see a video of this xD

I’ve been in this thread like 20 times or something and NOW the pictures start to load

Thank you for using chips. Old way 4lyfe

I liked the chips more when they still used vanilla props, you could make even the simplest things look cool :smiley:

Very nice, I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time :smiley:

Are we going to see a video of this in action?

Wheres the scientist rating when you need it? :science:

Could clean up the wiring a bit. Other than that, it looks nice, but how about a video, yah?

I’ll try to create a video but my laptop gets around 2 frames per second… Maybe when I get internet at home I’ll do it properly.

You could send someone like me a copy of the arm and we could make a quick vid for ya. Or perhaps i could meet you on a server?


Who the fuck is disagreeing.
E2 nurds.

It looks Sauceome.

Make two of them and make them arm wrestle. :v:

All your base are belong to e2