Robots Battling Strange Creatures in the Snow

C&C Greatly appreciated.
I think I’ve gotten better at the whole “custom” muzzle thing.

Please post your comments stating what you think about the pic.

looks good

^ 1 x agree

no but seriously there’s really no flaws in this which i find surprising. only thing i can really say is the dof may be a little too much seeing as the background plays an important role when coupled with the title, but otherwise without a title like that it wouldn’t make any difference: it’s still good

Those pet Mechs look nice.

I was hoping to see some good Mech fight and I kinda got what I wanted.
Looks cool.

Haha thanks. Alot

Rimlighting is awesome.

That Akrid is gonna get raped, though.

I really like it. Nice editing, snow, muzzleflash and lighting. Have an artistic… BUT
It’s not aiming at the creature but shooting somewhere else. So please tell me,
that there is another creature off screen on the right.

Yes, there’s multiple creatures. So more like an intense battle.

A’ight. I’m cool with the pic now.
Keep it up!

Thanks for the great replies so far guys.

This is the best Lose Planet picture I’ve ever seen

You have come a long way, sir. Fantastic lighting on the mech and the commander dude. Composition is excellent with great depth-of-field and snow. Posing in the background is great and original.