Robots from Disney's The Black Hole

This is my second request so far, but I know there are folks out there who loved this old Disney SciFi movie.

I’d like to get Vincent, Bomb, Maximillion, The Sentry robots, and their blasters as Sweps if possible :3

Vincent and Bob:

I couldn’t find much of Maximilian, So here’s a bit of a clip of him and Vincent fighting

As for the Sentry Robots
This should do a good example of their weapons too

Is that Maximillian?

Yeah Thats him
If we’re gonna use him, Then we’ll need separate models for each set of arms he has

Shit, i cant model, however.

Im hoping this gets done for you, i have never seen the movie but it looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I can model some things, though I’ll need someone to do the texture work. Vincent and Bob should be no problem if i start soon