robots maybe?

I mean I feel like robots dominating the world during an apocalypse paired with radiation and the fact that the game is called rust would be more fresh rather than just zombies. Also i feel like robots would be more likely to carry blueprints to weapons and such rather than reanimated dead people. You could integrate underground laboratories with failed experiments or something as a dungeon system?

Idk i’m probably just ranting by I feel like it could be a good idea with development.

Please, No.

I don’t mean like whatever happened to robot jones type robots maybe like rusted down androids of some sort.

i think if done right it could be pretty cool lol

no thank you… lol lets leave it to a somewhat radioactive scenarios, something like “The Hills Have Eyes” People infected from radiation but they’re still people and think and what not?:smile:

I’d recommend you play Fallout new vegas

robots dominating. emphasis on dominating. Fallout new vegas was all about factions and alliances whereas rust is more open ended

i retract my previous statement and agree with you! haha

definitely change zombies maybe follow the steps of fallout a little bit and have different types of mutated creatures. Zombies are over rated

Why not? Don’t just say no, explain your reasoning why not have robots?

I think it would be cool and unique, like Woofwoofgoose said if it’s done right it would be a different type of enemy to encounter in the world of rust. I think if the robots would travel in a group/pack across the landscape and it would take multiple people to take them down.

This is just my idea on the topic.

this whole thing is making me think about borderlands

I just don’t see how robots would be able to fit into this game. It’s a build, scavenge and survival game. What would the robots do? Shoot you? That would get rid of the aspect survival and turn it into just aa weird sci-fi fps. Robots using fists even? That would just not be appealing at all in my mind. We don’t need to make a game replicating Terminator: Salvation

I simply do not support this idea because I personally do not like it, Whether or not it is included isnt my choice, I will defiantly still play the game if there are robots just because I love this game, No other reason

This came from garrys blog. “I also want a 100 foot giant that will come and smash your buildings up – forcing you to work together to take him down. But I’ll have to sneak that past Helk.” How would that fit into the game? It’s not suppose to be realistic it’s suppose to be a fun game.

Still even if Garry was being legit about that, I’m guessing he was exaggeration, if anything they might add like a 12 ft giant thing that does a large amount of damage to buildings mainly to clean up the small trash huts that people leave behind.

jesus christ dude, not every game is about integrating an insane amount of realism into it.

It’s a unique idea and i thank you for bringng it up :wink:
But i personally can’t see it working. Sorry

I certainly hope not lol, but we’re not talking about every game lol we’re talking about rust…

What if the robots are rusty, then they fit right into the name of the game. They now gotta be added.

i meant that you were completely missing the concept of what snapster was saying. He meant that in general games aren’t always about realism it’s about making the game fun.