My response to this guy from a previous thread. This is what he said:

““Serious players” really? This is an ALPHA, not meant to be played seriously, but more about helping guide the direction the game should go and features should be looked at. Pull your head out of your ass, FP owes you nothing and will release patches when ready… Go play a finished game if you want serious play. Stop buying and playing alpha games if you are going to make stupid posts like these, too many of these are already cluttering the forums.”

My response:

This is the type of response is obviously coming form a kid who is spending his parents money. I work for my money. I spent hours writing a brief and memorandum then woke up at 7:00 a.m. to go to court and deliver that brief to make the money to pay for Rust. The ONLY reason gaming companies can get away with selling “Alpha’s” and not delivering on their product is because the gaming software industry is largely unregulated. The regulatory agencies that control products in the regular market have yet to catch up, technologically, to this industry. Some day someone will sue a gaming company for not delivering on a product they paid for, there will be a judge who was a kid that played video games once that will understand the product and he will understand how to apply standard regulatory practices to that product, and all this Alpha BS will go away.

Tide cannot sell you an untested detergent. If I buy a car and it is a lemon, there are laws in place to make sure I get my money back on that purchase.

You said it yourself “There are too many of these already cluttering the forums.” That’s not a good thing. The problem is obviously not the people posting if there are too many of them. Think about it.


Did you seriously create a thread to answer a guy? That sounds butthurt as hell.

And come on… that logic. In the end it means that they don’t even need to update. You bought it, you got it. Why updating it? Next time do not buy it. You got what you paid for (following your logic, where you bought a VW POLO and you get a VW POLO… not the next versions when they get released).

Not butthurt, they locked the thread. How else am I supposed to respond? The last word is everything brah.

we dont have VW polos in the US.

Ik, they are all manual.

LOL spending my parents money… I am 38 years old dude, and have a great career. :smiley:

Great rebuttal, but I stand by my words. Maybe you should take your hard earned money and buy a finished game. THIS IS ALPHA!!!

You aren’t. That’s why locking threads exists.

I just don’t think its right for one person to decide whether or not my conversation is valid. Especially if I’m not offending anyone. The thread was locked basically because it was a complaint. These are the official forums. Alpha or not, I paid money. If I want to vent on issues with the product I was sold, this is where I should be able to do so.

Gaming companies typically avoid customer service at all costs. It is very sad that they’ve been able to get away with this model basically since the inception of large scale PC games. Imo, it’s just because they are selling an addictive product and can get away with it, but that convo is for another time and place. For now, I think letting the customers use the forums to talk about issues with their purchase should suffice.

tl;dr - Locking my thread is like a customer service rep hanging up the phone on me. Very poor service.

So, uh… the one who locked that thread was garry. I would suggest you reconsider your current plan for handling this situation. That wasn’t a CSR hanging up on you, that was the CEO. Additionally, I find it funny that you say “that thread was locked because it was a complaint” when garry gave no reason for the thread-locking – which is something he’s allowed to do.

Allow me to quote from the link in the lower left of every single page on this forum, the one labeled “The Rules”:


Garry doesn’t need to provide a legitimate reason to ban anyone. These are his forums. If you’re a dick to him he will ban you no matter how right or wrong you are.

Making a new thread cause your butt hurt about an online debate saying you just want to get the last word and calling people “Brah”

The only 12 year old I see here is you “brah”

A couple of good reasons we need Alphas

  1. We don’t want another BF4 fiasco like PS had with the game servers not being ready
  2. Purchasing the game early, gives the Devs the money to continue building the game. Consider it to be like a prepay for a new game but you can play straight away.
  3. An Alpha gives the players the opportunity to voice their opinions and the direction of the game.

I am sure others can add a few hundred more good reasons.

Agreed, the REALLY funny thing I find about all the complainers is that this is the smoothest, fastest updating, openess from the Devs alpha/early access I have ever been in. its funny that people signed up for the early access KNOWING its early access then are going to complain cause the game that stated its still in development when they bought it is still in development. Facepunch has spoiled me to what an early access alpha SHOULD be.