Rochelle posing ontop of Zoey.


Ahaha. The camera angle and the lighting is just ace.

Well at least she isn’t mutilated.


Ugh I hate that bitch.

Im unbanned!!!

I can see that.


Hell yeah, show that bitch Zoey who’s boss :clint:

Get outa here bubz, you’re supposed to be optimistic. I’m kidding. Or am I?
Nice lighting. Little shirt clipping but good god! Rochelle’s neck doesn’t look like the spitter’s!



Right! Rochelle is dominating Zoey. In age she is the alpha female after all.

A 29 year old woman will show no mercy to a 19 year old girl.

I’ll let you make the follow-up image for this.

Thanks, hon.

uh oh.

I think Rochelle is my favorite valve girl now…

I like her just because she isn’t a dumb NPC that follows you throughout the entire game.

I know I’mma get hate mail for this.

But I’m glad Rochelle won. She’s hotter.

(I like chocolate wink)

Also, it’s a really nice image.