Rochelle posing with an axe and cola

…on top of Zoey…

I missed your poses.

I miss yours, but I guess it’s time we move on.

The hand holding the axe looks messed up.


Rochelle>Zoey anyday.

Damn right.

Damn it, not Zoey… Those two should team up while murdering and slaughtering.

Rochelle looks kind of awkward.

no Rochelle<Zoey


That is my opinion of either of them.

Rochelle is always the best!

You bastared how dare you send me this thread!

Actually i would say that as Rochelle is a 29 year old grown woman and Zoey is 19-23 Rochelle is far more superior to Zoey who doesn’t have chance on Rochelle, and also Zoey comes from a wealthy familly and Ro is a Getto style girl so guess who is going to die in such a fight sequence.

Hopefully Rochelle


you guys are mental zoeys a gamer she at least has some type of idea in how to kill she has alot more xp when it come to zombie killin and rochelle is a news girl they get payed the bucks im sure she lives life alot better then zoey…

You are annoying.

Posing seems… I don’t know… Off?