Rochelle The Vampire

Since I made a version of Zoey...


-low texture quality
-two dimensional fangs
-lack of realism: had she turned into a vampire she would first have to be bitten but there are no bite marks, much less blood on her shirt.

That’s pretty creepy

Weeeell… Then she is the daughter of Cain, the first vampire. There I escaped the blood and bite marks. And even vampires wash their clothes:smile:

People need to stop replying with this “realism” bullshit nobody cares.

I like the picture, especially what you did to the eyes

Realism is one of the first things I look for in a picture. Stop generalizing your beliefs onto other people.

Well she is a freaking vampire. The term realism becomes (as it where) bloody blurry.

Well, now she’s even uglier then she was before! Impressive.:fuckyou:
Good job.

Eeeeew, its Rochelle.
Nice picture but the teeths look a bit dumb.

Had to draw them by mouse. All free hand. I am still in practice Comby:smile:

Well everything is in freehand come to think of it.

I think I saw some teeth brushes some time ago.
You should really try adding shadows to your pictures. It looks a it “plane”. Otherwise they are awesome because the ideas rock :buddy:

No good at shadows, so I really ought to dig up a tutorial.

The teeth in general look 2-D. That’s the way the model is.
Very nice Rastifan.

not sparkly enough


LOL yes Joazzz. Very funny:biggrin:

She’s the master vampire and a true awesome fact Video Games aren’t real

She can suck my blood anyday.

Why is she not sparkly and gay

Because I made her. No sparkling milf magnet here thank you.