Rochelle vs. *insert person(s) here* thread so we don't clog up this forum

So yea, if you are familiar with those battles me and bulletdeposi had, you would know that every time he made a mini comic, I would retaliate by destroying those characters with Rochelle.

Just post a comic destroying that girl and if I don’t make one countering it, then somebody on my side will.

If you are responding to a battle with your own, then post a link to the post.

If a custom model is used, put a link under the comic/video.

And I’ll start this off with a comic triggered by halflambada

And here is comic:

Feel free to rate box, I can smell it…
Bad Sniper needs a lesson.

That’s our baby. Maim, mutilate and kill. Not necessarily in that order:biggrin:

Loading gmod now.

Unrealistic. There would be nothing to crush in his case. -Rochelle does a “OOOOOOOOOH!” noise. Nah, I’m messing with you.

The one I posted in the OP would be my best comic of this nature, I think I call this “quick posing”

Ow…my nuts… go and crys on Ellis shoulder


LOL She gets meaner and meaner. The two fingers where awesome.

Should teach people who make videos about strangling Rochelle.

Oh, Dems. Ahahaha.

I wonder when the next comic/video involving Rochelle’s death will be…

You can expect one from me.

I should possibly mention in the OP that after the comic/video is made, I need a link to the models used so I can cook something up.

I’ll do one today, I was at my gf’s house yesterday. No garry’s mod. Rochelle is going down.

This’ll be fun!

It isn’t just Rochelle that has to go down first before a reply is made right?

Dems has to counter his pics first, I’m afraid.

Rochelle has to get beaten before I can counter something.