Rochelle with axe and cola

boner I need this skin. You need to make this a L4D2 skin. I’d buy it just for that. and I’d jizz everytime I played it

I modified it by putting the original shirt on it.

Really for gods sake tell me I’m not the only one that still thinks she’s not all that attractive.

You’re not alone.

Them be sexy legs, and yes, I’m still stuck in the 20’s…


Though too dark for her skin, doesn’t match up…

Agreed. And yet less wood looking in this picture, still wood looking.

I didn’t make the skin, I just put the original’s shirt onto the newer one.

Why she’s alone.

Being alone in the zombie Apocalypse is bad.

If you’ve seen Demons previous pictures you would know.

Don’t worry, I like Rochelle too much to put her in any real danger.

Now that bit where she destroys herself, the two souls of both were merged so they never actually died.

Another amazing work from you, Dems.

Yet still no nude Rochelle.

hmmm Great

I would redo those legs if I knew how. They do not match the rest of her 100%.

Thanks to demoniclemon, I think of Rochelle every time I see an axe.

If I know just what to fix, I might be able to fix those legs, since the model is a skin and not a custom model, I’ll have to do what I can.

I would axe those legs.

If you take my meaning. :q:


i liked it.

but looking at her eye, she looks like a drunked girl.
the power of cola!

you are not alone [2]

I’d let her pour that cola all over me.

I’d let her cut my neck.