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omg i cant wait to be a SWATE n shoot people n criminels!! how much money do i need to pay 4 admin??

On the server, you can not buy Admin. You can’t buy ranks that can kick, ban, noclip, etc.
Donating to my server will get you a better chance at Moderator or Admin, but the only rank you could buy is V.I.P, which that is a $15 USD donation. You get some extra commands. Which is only Arm, but you can ask a Admin to change your speed if your V.I.P they will. You get a little spceil treatment for donating.

Owner is 13

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I’ll add you and give you some pointers

I am 13, and I can script too. :slight_smile:

You can’t, I talked to you on steam. You raged at me for telling you to not use DarkRP. The last words you left me were
[release]Learn to now troll noob[/release]

Please, stop this now.


So like a literal script kiddie?

You do not need all these jobs.
Put just a Police Officer / Medic / Mayor / Gun Dealer

And all the Lockpicks and KeyPad Cracker make everyone will buy and bring the prices more expensive.
Downtown map and do not use, she just plowed.
I also recommend changing Hud
make your server Roleplay and not to Deathmatch Wars.
Add models of real life to citizens.
if someone want to create a gang , he dont need any jobs.
he can do that when he citizen,you dont need “Gangstar” job is shit.
oh and make the weapons price more expensive.

This is getting ridiculous. I could copy and paste any other reply I’ve made and it would fit here. I’m a bit tired of this carboard cut-out servers run by shitty admins.

As for constructive criticism, just stop. That’s really all I can say. Just stop.

You gotcha.

I actually did this because he wouldn’t stop saying his shit to me. I get pissed at people like that, and he wouldn’t shut his mouth.

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I am actually trying to learn how to model, I can make maps and script decent. Although my modeling is not good at all, I will try buying like Milkshape and practice with it, then make some nice citizien models, police models, gun dealers, etc. Thanks for the pointers to.

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Well, really. I have friends that enjoy playing my server, so I wont stop. I enjoy scripting, I enjoy mapping, and I enjoy showing it to other people. So please, just stop. :slight_smile:

You may make a very very decent roleplay with one classes.
Why did DarkRP servers have 20 useless classes ?

wow i just noticed i have this james roll cunt on my friends list from HGN he also tried to commit suicide about 2-3 months ago and failed. he used the general TO THE CLOSET AND HANG MYSELF routine and asked me how to tie a knot to make sure it wont break.

not only all of this but, this isnt going to work out i can tell… its going to fall and burn hard and why waste your time MODELING? you can just find some really DECENT and NICE models for those roles on you have to be fucking stupid to even BUY admin, i mean comon and if VIP is 15 smackers, how much would admin be if you were to let them buy it? 20? 25? 45? 50?

i bet you gave your little friends admin and SUPER admin because theyre your friends but when youre not on or offline and theyre on, for all you could know, they could be secretly destroying your server (ive had this from experience)

seriously, just stop… its not going to work out like you THINK it will. the way you constructed this, is just horrible.


whoa tark watch out… ill script a bot to take your account man

Logo sloppily made with MS Paint…
Bunch of unnecessary jobs…
13 year old script kiddie owner…

Do I need to say more? This server is doomed to fail, just like the other millions of generic DarkRP servers.

  1. Fuck off
  2. Nice job with my picture
  3. I hate hoe bags like you


You called everybody here douchebags, they are normal players judging your server. Take a hint that it sucks.