Rock base exploit/glitch still possible.... August 10

Well after running around doing the usual gathering and shit, I managed to stumble across another rock base…

I have 3 fool-proof screenshots right now. As I type this I am trying to get inside the rock, but this bastard must’ve been either really persistent or has some secret method on close wraps. IDK.

What I do know is I am sick and tired of seeing this shit after literally years (SINCE LEGACY)!

Please FIX this for good ASAP!

Not to sound like an ass, but is it that hard to fix? I see the last 2 updates did relatively nothing to fix it. I have seen this on more than one server, so it can’t be that hard to still do.
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Well as this issue have been reported earlier, no need for you to spend time on figuring out how to get those pictures up, FP is well aware of the issue.

The rocks should be radioactive inside. Or filled with landmines that auto respawn.

Could you post link where it was acknowledged after most recent update (8/6/15)? I looked but I couldn’t find one as recent as that, so I just made one. I will post there if it is up-to-date. But on recent devblog they insist on giving them a heads up if the problem persists.

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your screenshot are not a proof in itself. for all we know it could be made by an admin.

that being said, even without proof you are right that the house inside rock are still possible. i own a server and i found 2 houses inside rock. i have a good idea about the method, once i am able to reproduce it ill release the method so facepunch can fix it.