Rock bases vulnerable to rockets?

If someone has a rock base with treasure chests in the rock base, is it possible to rocket the outside of the base and destroy the chests? Firing a rocket directly at a rock doesn’t seem to create an explosion, but firing at something built on top of the rock does, of course. If there’s treasure chests near the explosion (but in the rock) will the get damaged?

There’s a base operated by some of my clan’s enemies with a treasure room in the rock. You can see one of the chests sticking out of the rock, and they emerge from the rock to fight sometimes. They built a huge tower on top of this rock, so I went over there and fired a few rockets and a couple of incendiary rockets at the base. Not sure if we damaged the chests below, though.

you get admin to help you. had some assholes on london I boast about there unraiable base. after a few days it went from this to this

The admins seem overworked. Many days can go by, and well documented locations don’t get cleaned up. Sometimes they eventually do. Sometimes they don’t.

So, rather than wait for help that may or may not come, does anyone know if rockets can damage stuff stored in rocks?

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