Rock draw distance bug affecting FPS?

Seems like all the rocks are being drawn all the time, resulting in really bad FPS at times.

Having the same issue. Nice screenshot!

before the update 20-50 fps after 5-15 fps. gg

complaining about 32 fps???

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I run at 8 fps now with lowest settings and grass turned off

sorry i usually run 60fps all the time for the most part

I think the map is great it looks amazing. I know it sounds like im complaining cuz i get terrible fps now… but its only alpha and i know it will get some what better eventually so im being patient. And i guess i can understand why your upset famer

It does look cool, it just seems like they when they turned on rocks they forgot to turn on clipping for them, so I’m reporting it as a bug.

With lowest setting and resolution im getting 5-15 fps again with the fullscreen.(We are 15 people having the same issue only 5 min after the update)

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They will lost a lot of people cause of that without insult the garry team for me it ugly and lost too much FPS for that it supose to.

people who are not willing to test an alpha due to fps problems are wrong in alphas anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but when you have a gamer computer and you can’t even run the game there i a problems …

It’s an obvious bug, just leave it at that. There’s no way it was meant to be this way.

This is a obvious problem. It’s causing Unity to crash now with some people.

They put the rocks in some of the loot zones and it really is annoying! Just like the fps problem im having now and its not even playable/enjoyable :frowning: