Rock glitch

Was running near hangar at Haven server, and at night i found a little nice house with many campfires inside it wich all were on. So ofcourse i went check the house, and immediately i jumped in from the window guy started to shoot me with m4 inside the rock (PICTURE --> ) I Didn’t lose actualy anything but just wanted to make a post of a guy, abusing a glitch. That’s how the house looked like. (PICTURE --> ) Couldn’t see the name.

Yeah, I am hoping they add a path when you can’t place build Materials into rocks. Tends to be glitches there and what not and having a higher advantage for some people.

i’ve been shot at from people in rocks aswell on a few different servers, but i think i remember seeing something on trello about players and clipping issues, so i’m guessing it’ll be fixed soon enough.
can they get banned for doing it? not really sure what the rules are on bug abuse

I build some of my bases right next to rock walls. I like being able to put pillars inside so that I can make stairs up the side of a rock-wall and to the top. I never go inside, but losing that ability would suck.

I want free range to craft inside of rocks, make it easier, but fix the glitches which allow people to enter inside of them.

You can’t get banned for exploiting a glitch while the game is in alpha, only banned from that individual server because glitches aren’t detected by VAC.

You simply have to suck it up until it gets patched.

^That’s the sad truth.