rock knight[/t]


as always, criticism is appreciated

explosion looks pasted there,I believe it’s especially because the yellow glow,should erase a little around the explosion edges with a low hardness brush

Ride the lightning…

parrotgrass should be there.

too bad Les Pauls bear the most unmetal body shape ever

cool flame and lightning effects, but the angle could be more interesting and the spark thing looks rather pasted on

tweaked it a bit :e

i still don’t like how the explosion thing overlaps the alien robot cyborg thing’s arm

alright gonna see if i can tweak that as well

now it looks better

however, it would be even cooler if you could make small bits of sparks appear all over the alien thing’s frame - in spots where real electricity might arc out - to make it look like the lightning is tearing through it and it’s about to explode from the inside

try to add some smoke too

I’m shit at editing, so I probably won’t try that :v:

they’re still fucking great.

i literally thought there would be a knight made of rocks…

a picture like this could use something more extreme-looking like an Explorer; even a bloody Strato would work better

Fucking great