Rock-Man/Mega-Man ZX and ZXA Models.

I haven’t seen much models for Mega-Man except the 64 Legends Version and Zero. So, i thought id request some models.

-Must Have-
Player-model thats all.

-The hard part-
Mega Man is in 2D using sprites, so it would have to be from scratch, although i am willing to pay ^^.

Giro from MMZX (Reploid, not Mega-merged form)

Moving hair would be nice but is not necessary, this is my highest priority model right now.


Low Priority, i was going to include older vent, but couldn’t find any pictures of him :confused:


Moving electrical cords would be nice.


Same with the Giro model, hair moving would be nice.
Second priority.

And Model Z:

Lowest priority.

So if anyone would make these models either for free, or pay, i am willing to comprise on a price for each model. Thank you ^^

FP has so many request for the biometals no one is going to do it

Oh well, wave enough money in someones face and their bound to do it :3.

would honestly be nice to have some more rockman ragdolls in Gmod

like MMX style Zero

My main concern is Giro, who has forever been my favorite mega-man character ever designed :3. Once i get him i will consider paying for more models, i’ve saved up a lot for this request, and all of it goes to these and these only. I want them that much.

Bump for good measure,

I personally would like Aile in both old and young. And maybe Ashe too. But thats just my view. I personally loved both the ZX games.

Yeah me too, Although the second one’s secret ending made you go “Wait, Whut” and think about it while your sleeping and then wake up and find thomas in your bed offering biometal for cheese.

Hmm, maybe that was just me.

I did rip megaman from tatsunoko vs Capcom:

however I don’t think I actually got round to releasing him can’t remember now if I haven’t then i’m still working on it.

I saw Legend (Thats what they called him), on But he wasn’t rigged and such.

What i really need is Giro, and i cant find anyone to even try modeling it.

Like what you said, there is no Models of the ZX characters out there at the moment. And Modelling from scratch is very difficult work from what I gather. So its a long shot. Hope it works out though, I would like to see more Rockman characters out there.

Alright, Thanks.

So is anyone up for it?

Provide more pictures and I’ll see what I can do. Model Z biometal is most likely to get done. If I don’t end up doing it, it would help the next modeler to consider it. I am very interested in these at any rate. Oh and if I end up modeling these I won’t be able to port it but it would bring you all one step closer.

Thank you so much TwT

Anyone mind if I do Aile as the first human?

No i do not mind, as long as i somewhere in the process get giro :3

I’ve seen ZX done, only he was mistaken for zero and was a barney replacement.

Where did you find this model :O?

Okay I’m not really a fan of megaman but I think Aile is cute so I thought I might help out a bit so heres a reference of Aile and Vent if you need it.

Hahaha, Aile is cute :3

Thanks for the extra references.