Rock Paper Shotgun

server IP:

Mature server based in UK, with active admins seeking active players.

Our aim is to create a good and strong community where interaction goes before KOS, where both newcomers to the game and veterans can find a home.
We have an arena and intend to have regular events in the near future, and open world scavenge hunts.
Mild Roleplay element. It is so much more fun when interacting than just getting shot dead for “no good reason”

Visit out Facebook page here:

Rules are as follows.**
No Racial Comments
No Bullying
English only in chat
No spamming
No Griefing
No being a little bitch
No sex parties in the woods - Unless we are invited :slight_smile:
No Vac Bans on your account within 90days or we will kick/ban you without warning

Server is running the Oxide mod

This tells you how many players are on the server at that time

/kit starter
gives every users a starting chance to make it in Rust. You will receive Stone Hatchet, Camp Fire, 2x Cooked Chicken

You are now showing your twinkle to the world, bask in the glory!!

Another way in which you can door share with other players

This allows you to see who owns each base by pressing [E] at the door, you can turn this off or back on with the same command.

We have a Anti-Griefing tool added, Each player can remove anything added on THEIR own foundation with a “Pickaxe”

**Note of warning: not to build on random foundations found around the map, the owner could easily come back and use his pickaxe to get access to “Their” foundation.

A basic compass that will tell you in which direction you are facing ie, Northwest or Southeast.

Hope to see you In Game! :slight_smile:

Please delete this thread

server is closing